Q: What is Diaspora RieUP!?

Diaspora RiseUp! is a campaign and fund to identify and invest in a network of credible local community organizations on the frontline of humanitarian emergencies in Africa. This campaign will raise funds from members of the African diaspora in partnership with the U.S. private sector. Diaspora RiseUP! is a new approach to increase diaspora philanthropy and move sustainable development in vulnerable communities from relief and recovery to investing in the organizations that provide life-saving interventions.

Q: How is Diaspora RiseUP! structured?

Diaspora RiseUP! is an initiative of Act4Accountability (ACT4), a diaspora-led Maryland 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit in the United States, operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. ACT4’s mission is advocate for good governance and transparency in Africa, while building a stronger culture of accountability among Africans and her diaspora.  For more about ACT4, visit our website- http://act4accountability.com/

Q: Who governs Diaspora RiseUP!?

Diaspora RiseUP! oversight is provided by an Advisory Board with NGO vetting, fund disbursement, and reporting done by Act4Accountability.

Q: Who is the African Diaspora?

The African Diaspora consists of peoples of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development and sustainability of the continent.

Q: What countries are the NGO’s you support?

The first year of Diaspora RiseUP! will focus on the famine crisis affecting the Northern Nigeria and Lake Chad region. Future plans include expansion to Uganda. Through our partnership with UNICEF USA as the only international NGO beneficiary, donations will go to support local African NGOs in 13 countries.

Q: How do I know the money will be used as stated?

Grant recipients will submit quarterly reports detailing where the money has been spent, which will be published on this site. The reports will also include photos and video submissions of the activities by the organization.

Q: How can an NGO become a beneficiary of Diaspora RiseUP!?

We welcome nominations and applications from NGOs that meet the eligibility requirements found here: (Link to NGO Partners page)

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