Diaspora RiseUp! is a campaign to coordinate and grow diaspora philanthropy among members of the African diaspora to invest in the development of our home countries.  The goal of Diaspora RiseUP! is to identify, build, and invest in the capacity and sustainability of credible local African organizations, social impact businesses, and the development of their communities.



“Diaspora RiseUp! is the diaspora’s response to change the narrative on giving, philanthropy, and the investment in African development.”

Why Diaspora RiseUP!?

The World Bank estimates that remittances to Africa grew to $65 billion in 2015. Members of the diaspora send money home to support family members for tuition, businesses, and other needs. Diasporas have proven to be of significant help during natural disasters and epidemics, as in the case of Nepal’s earthquake and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Over the last 15 years, increasing attention has been paid, first by development actors and subsequently by humanitarians, to the issue of diaspora engagement. Diaspora engagement is used in reference to the policies and programs through which development and humanitarian actors seek to access, mobilize or support the human, financial, or other resources (such as networks) available within a diaspora for a particular purpose.

According to the World Bank, climate change is likely to result in increased frequency and severity of weather-related disasters. For this reason, a sustained diaspora-driven development approach with pre-screened credible local NGO partners will increase ownership, while creating new opportunities for the diaspora to give back beyond funding.

Current Africa Crisis

450,000 – Nigeria- Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in North due to conflict

180,000- Somalia- children are severely malnourished. 6.2 million people facing acute food insecurity

100,000 – South Sudan- face starvation. 1.3 million people displaced due to conflict

20,000 – people displaced due to mudslide and flooding

Diaspora RiseUP! Fundraising Goal

For its inaugural year, Diaspora RiseUp! aims to raise over $200,000 to fund capacity building for local Africa NGO’s working on zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth in their communities.

Diaspora RiseUP! has joined with UNICEF USA to provide life-saving resources to under age five children in 13 countries affected across the African continent. The United Nations (UN) has declared it is dealing with the worst humanitarian crisis since its creation in 1945. According to the UN, millions of people in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and other countries are on the verge of severe famine caused by a combination of drought, crop failure, and conflict.



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