Education and Changing Children's Lives

Organizational Information:


Founded: 2005
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Adopt-A-Camp was created because the gap that exists between those who need help, and those that want to assist - whether as individuals or organizations - is a major problem in Nigeria. Thus, The Light Foundation started, in 2005, to bridge that wide gap by providing general assistance to young people, girls, victims of conflicts, and the underprivileged in the society. Thus, we envision 'a world without comfort'.


To make a sustainable impact in communities through the empowerment of individuals and families.


The organization currently manages 2 programs:

1. Adopt-A-Camp: Through which assistance is provided to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and victims of insurgency in Nigeria's northeast and other regions where IDPs are settled.

2. Girl Child Africa: Advancing girls and women through education, empowerment, and advocacy.


TLF is currently facing two challenges:
1. Funding: This has made scaling up somewhat difficult, especially with projects and general administration.

2. Capacity: While TLF enjoys numerous indication of interest from volunteers; there is the challenge of them having the requisite capabilities for the work, as well as having the time needed to spend on projects.

Organization Capacity

Leadership: TLF is founded by Bukky Shonibare, who is trained and vast in social sector management.

Advisory Team: TLF programs have advisory team members who are not only credible, but skilled in different fields of endeavors, like Accounting, Human Resource Management, Humanitarian Logistics, Media and Communications, Administration, et cetera.

Volunteers: Each TLF program has volunteers who indicate interest in being part of the projects.

Skills: All members of the team are skilled in one field of endeavor or the other, such that is necessary for effectiveness.

Experience: Each team member comes with years of experience in the social sector and in their respective fields.

Diaspora RiseUP! Impact

This support from Diaspora RiseUP! will be directed at the Adopt-A-Camp program, and where possible, Girl Child Africa.  Specifically, the funds would go into direct projects based on the thematic coverage of Diaspora RiseUP!, as well as capacity building for team members and volunteers, and administrative repositioning.

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