Over 1.3 billion people in developing countries live without access to electricity or suffer significant power outages on a daily basis. Without access to electricity, the basic needs and other vital resources for entire communities are affected.  To internally displaced persons (IDP) living in camps, the importance of light and electricity goes well beyond comfort – it stands for security, health, education and an improved quality of life.  Many people in IDP camps rely on kerosene lamps and kids use candles for studying.

Diaspora RiseUP has partnered with Dufsar Energy to provide electricity via affordable off-grid solar powered systems to three IDP camps in Northeast Nigeria through our new “Light-A-Camp” initiative to be implemented by Adopt-A-Camp (a local vetted Nigeria based NGO).

The partnership with Dufsar will initiate:

  1. Initial donations for solar units and portal units.  The cost of each solar unit is $150.
  2.  Adopt-A-Camp, a vetted NGO in Nigeria will facilitate the installation of the solar panels in three IDP camps.

Dufsar Energy is an innovative renewable energy company that designs and manufactures the most advanced, reliable, efficient and affordable off-grid solar powered systems.


Diaspora RiseUP will purchase 60 units of the eHub Fixed System to be installed in three IDP camps.  The eHub Fixed System is capable of powering a house with three rooms. The system provides high performance LED lighting and electronics charging capabilities.


For organizational sponsorship or sponsorship of large quantities of the eHub systems for one or more camps, please send your inquiry to   For sponsorship of individual or smaller quantities of the eHub System,  make a donation below by selecting your interest level.


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