Mission to Makurdi

Organizational Information:


Founded: 2005
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Adopt-A-Camp was created because the gap that exists between those who need help, and those that want to assist - whether as individuals or organizations - is a major problem in Nigeria. Thus, The Light Foundation started, in 2005, to bridge that wide gap by providing general assistance to young people, girls, victims of conflicts, and the underprivileged in the society. Thus, we envision 'a world without comfort'.


To make a sustainable impact in communities through the empowerment of individuals and families.


Adopt-A-Camp is currently providing relief efforts to those affected by the flood in Benue, Nigeria.


The rain of August 27 flooded 24 communities in Makurdi metropolis, affecting 81,921 persons from 2,769 households while submerging and/or impacting 1,574 houses.

(See Data Sheet by Benue SEMA as of September 1, 2017).

While water levels in most areas have receded (see photos), and some affected persons have returned home, while some are still being hosted. Benue State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)  has set up two internally displaced persons (IDP) camps at an unoccupied International Market and another location. Some trucks of relief materials arrived in Makurdi on Friday, however, distribution has yet to begin while registration of those displaced continues.





Adopt-A-Camp will lead a team of volunteers and medical practitioners to the affected communities to support the victims directly through:

(1) donation of food items;

(2) distribution of clothes, beddings, and household materials; and

(3) medical outreach - basic medical tests (Malaria and Blood Pressure), dispensing of drugs, and supply of mosquito nets. They will work with two local initiatives and the Benue SEMA.

VOLUNTEER: Join us for the field outreach. Complete our ‘Volunteer Form’ via Note: we need more medical volunteers, and space is limited.

Organization Capacity

Leadership: TLF is founded by Bukky Shonibare, who is trained and vast in social sector management.

Advisory Team: TLF programs have advisory team members who are not only credible, but skilled in different fields of endeavors, like Accounting, Human Resource Management, Humanitarian Logistics, Media and Communications, Administration, et cetera.

Volunteers: Each TLF program has volunteers who indicate interest in being part of the projects.

Skills: All members of the team are skilled in one field of endeavor or the other, such that is necessary for effectiveness.

Experience: Each team member comes with years of experience in the social sector and in their respective fields.

Diaspora RiseUP! Impact

Diaspora RiseUP!'s goal is to raise over $10,000 for Mission2Makurdi towards Adopt-A-Camp to deliver short-term relief to as many of the 80,000 people those affected:

Household materials, food, clothes, beddings, mosquito nets, and medical assistance.